Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poem:The Examination Has Ended!

The examination has ended!

Your papers surrendered.

You have been rendered

Strong or weak,

Depending upon the strength of your beleif.

The time is up!

It will no longer be extended!

Oh you who were given a choice and tested,

How did you fare in this most important of tests?

It is only on Allah's judgement that your fate rests!

He is the judge.Bribes he does not receive.

He is the One you can never deceive!

For fraud works in this world but not on the Day of Return!

Did you submit or did you scorn?

Will you celebrate or will you mourn?

Did you praise Him and did you Glorify?

For His sake the deen did you purify?

Will you have victory or will you have doom?

Will you have honour or will you have shame?

Will you succeed or will you fail?

You record will reveal what tale?

What story will it say?

Is it salvation or is it dreadful dismay?

On that day your actions and intentions'll count?

Were you on the right track?

Or will your efforts amount to nothing?

Will you gain or lose everything?


On that day many actions will be in vain!

Many a deed blown away like a grain

Of dust in the desert.

Gone,gone,gone with the wind!

Oh you who are in this world,

Living and breathing,

Hurry!The clock is ticking!

Repent and do something!

Who knows when your examiation ends?

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