Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poem:What makes a Caliph cry?

Oh you ,who have been blessed by

The Lord,The Provider,The Most High!

Oh you who have it all,

Yet you don't give thanks at all.

Fruits and fancy foods don't satisfy


Know,that Cliphs cry

To thank their Lord for their provision.

They were commanders of a mighty nayion.

Oh you who have plenty,

Think of him,

He who said

"Did Allah make this for me?"

Here poeple play with gold,

There they starve and shiver in the cold.

Here plates full of food are thrown,

but there where the grain is grown..

What can we say?

Know that a Caliph did cry for the dog that did die

On the other corner of the Caliphate.

Oh you who rule the Muslim stae,

Think of him.

He who did say

"On that day

When the mule complains.."

Will our ways be starightened?

And our hearts become whole?

Will faith be revived once more?

Will customs be combatted wit Prophetic traditions?

Will we obliterate all superstitions?

Will women in our villages see the end of tyrrany?

Will modesty come back to the Muslim city?

Indeed we will mourn and greive

Until we learn to cry again.

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  1. mashaa Allah what an amazing blog may Allah love u and may Al Ferdaws miss u Ameeeeeeeeen

    keep on giving us and never stop may Allah give u the strength to raise the word of Al Haqq and reward u with the highest levels of paradise with out being reckoning Ameeeeeeen